Sea to Sky Properties


What separates Sea to Sky from other vacations rentals?  Why should you rent from us instead of elsewhere?

-We accept an array of payments options including PayPal, major credit cards, check, money orders, and cash.

-We have ZERO hidden fees.

-We use professional contracts written by lawyers.

-Our properties are always professionally cleaned.

-You are welcome to book multiple affordable cleanings during your stay.

-Our units are always located in well-maintained safe areas.

-Our units are constantly updated and repaired (we fix problems well before they may occur)

-Should any problems arise we have service people on call 24/7.

-If you have a concern we address it immediately.

-We are local and are here for you in Scottsdale.

-We use high quality linens.

-We are always changing our furnishings to keep that current clean look.

-Check in, is always as simple as punching in a code on a door.

-Checking out is always as simple as getting in your car and not looking back (until next time!!)


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